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A Game You Can Always Win:- Olympics

The Olympics are one of the sports in the world. Every year India will hold the Olympics. Not only India, many other countries conduct the Olympics. Anyone of you know when the first Olympics took place? How did we get these Olympics sports? Is there any history behind these Olympics? What is the importance of the Olympics. You will get answers to all these questions in this blog.

We need some practice, energy and will power to take part in the Olympics. Let us know the history of the Olympics.

Story of Olympics:-

The first Olympics took place in 776 BC. In 776 BC, the Olympics took place every four years. In 776 BC, it was a summer where the Olympics took place.

In ancient days, there was a place with the name of the Olympics. There was a god in Greek. His name was Greek God Zeus. The people in Greek worship him as a god. This Zeus was the king of God in the ancient Greeks. In ancient Greeks, there were wars between the people of cities.

They always fight for some reason in Greek. The God of Greek want a peace in Greek. So he started the Olympics by seeing the people who were fighting.

For this reason, Zeus started the Olympics. In this Olympics, the people may fight with each other by their talents. This decision made the people of Greek happy.

However, in ancient days, only men took place in the Olympics. Women are not taken in the Olympics.

They had only game in the Olympics in ancient Greek. The only game is "the stade". The rules of this games are unique.

They draw a footrace circle in shape. The distance of this circle is 192m long. This game is similar to running race. The person who runs a long distance in a given short time wins the race. He will win the game. This game spread till 708 B.C.E.

In 708 B.C.E, some more sports or a games taken into Olympics. If a person win the game he was not given a gold medal. In ancient days, they given a crown with olive leaves.

The games in 708 BCE are 400m race, Wrestling, Long jump, Javelin throw, Discus throw.

In ancient Greek, there was popular game 'Pankration'. In this game, there is no limit and no other rules. The only rule is no biting and no eye-gouging. But for some reason this game is not present in the Olympics.

After many decades, the Romans banned the Olympics in 393 A.D.

However, in 1896, this Olympics is again revived in Athens, Greece. From then, every four years Olympics have taking place till now. We name this Olympics as Modern Olympics.

In this modern Olympics, many other new sports are taking place. They also gave place for women in the Olympics.

Today, many athletes taking place in 33 sports from 206 countries.

These sports are taking for bringing up the challenge of many talented people. With these Olympics, a friendship took place with many countries.

By this, we came to know the history of the Olympics. But, there is one question, what do rings represent in the game.

Rings of Olympic Symbol:-

These rings were first invented by Coubertin in 1913. These rings are the interlock rings. The colours of the rings are blue, yellow, black, green, and red. These rings represent the five live in continents of the world.

The colours of rings are from the flags of the different countries. The colours of rings are present in the flags. The five continents are Europe, Asia, Africa, the Pacific, and the US.


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