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Rich Garment Fabric ‒ The Silk

Silk is a protein based thing. It is a type of protein that we use in our life. We wear silk clothes in our daily routine. Most of us love wear silk clothes. Silk clothes look wealthy and very soft to touch. Mostly girls like to wear clothes made of silk. The colours used for the silk clothes are simply awesome. Anyone know how we get silk? What was the story behind the invention of silk? How are these silk clothes made? Let us know the story of silk.


Silk is a natural protein fibre and woven into textiles. This protein fibre is of fibroin. Some insects produce this silk. Those insects are silkworms.These silkworms produce cocoons or eggs with fine silk threads. These threads protect the cocoons from other insects.

Story of Silk:-

The credit of invention of silk goes to China.

In China, Almost 5000 years ago, there was a king and queen in China. They are Huang Ti, and Hsi Ling Shi. The wife of the king is the person to invent Silk.

One day, the queen was sharpening her sword in their garden. And also shipping tea under a mulberry tree.

Suddenly a cocoon fell into her cup of tea and began to unravel. When the queen was about to take a sip of tea, she saw shiny threads. She went on the hunt for the search of those threads.

She searched a lot in the garden but did not find anything. She went around mulberry tree for cocoons. she saw a warms that covering the cocoons. They cover with the fine thread. She got an idea of making a fabric. She went back and designed a method to make a fabric or a silk. She sent the workers to bring the eggs laid by silkworms.

These workers fed the leaves for baby silkworms for two weeks. Those worms began to release the liquid raw silk from froth glands. When that liquid dries for air, then it turns to a silk thread. Formation of cocoons is the first step for silk fibre. We boil these cocoons for three minutes. So that, the pupa may die. We stick a silk thread with the proteins. These threads are finally woven into a silk cloth.

Demand of the Silk in Ancient days:-

Until 200 BC, only Chinese royals used silk. This is because China is the only place we find silkworms. They kept this silkworms as a secret. The people around took the silk by giving the gold and silver coins.

By 300 A.D, Korea started producing silk. This is because some of the people settled in Korea.

Soon the making of silk spread to Japan, India and Persia. Because of this, China lost its ownership.

In the 13th Century, Italy became the hall of fame in silk history. Italy became the highest producer of silk. France came challenging to produce silk. But China took place in its making of silk.

Types of silk:-

We have many types of silk. They are

Mulberry silk

Eri silk

Tasar silk

Muga silk

The clothes we are using came from mulberry silk.


Silk rope is stronger than thick metal wire.

The silk can dissolve and absorb the wounds of a body.

Silk is also the 'Queen of Fabrics'.


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