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How Was India 1000 Years Ago?

Today, India is an enlarging country. In India, we have a wealth which is countless. India is just like a diamond. Other countries are attacking India because of the wealth that we have in India. Today, we have all the adeptness and comforts in India. In India, we need growth till today. I am proud to be an Indian. All of us wish to see India is an advanced stage. We all know about the present situation of India. But, anyone know how was India 1000 years ago. I want to know about ancient times of India.


When we go 1000 years back, India did not have adeptness and comforts. Ancient days are completely different when compared to today. Even a rupee is a great thing for the people at that time. The people of ancient days were very innocent. Today's people are smart and cunning.

India about 1000 years ago:-

Some of the countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh etc... are the border for India. Every country had a king but we call them a Indian. India is a long place. It became many parts after wars. If any war does not happen our India looks new.

The people wear dhotis in 1000 years back. People love their type of clothing so much. India produces cotton at that time.

Each country has different style of clothing in their place. Men live without a beard or a small beard. Women's clothing is changing all the time. In ancient times, they had ornaments. The ornaments were also changing with time. Some women wear skirts like clothing which covers the whole body.

Start of Sarees:-

Till 500 A.D, the people did not about sarees. In 500 A.D., the women started wearing the sarees. At that time, only royals families wore silk sarees. The poor people wore the normal cotton sarees.

In 1000 A.D. the clothes of muslim were in black, that we were wearing now. Sarees were the precedence and costly for people of ancient days. Women who had more money were ornaments on sarees. Children will not were clothes at that time. Women start the sarees after they mature.

Populace of Ancient India:-

Present, the populace of India stays in second place. The ancient India also had more populace in tribal and non-tribal's. We have around two crore populace in India, today. Europe is the first place in its populace.

Farming of ancient India:-

Today, we have many machines for farming and all comforts. Today, we have much need of food. But, In ancient India, there was very less need for food. The farmers do not have proper support in farming. They mostly have grains and cotton.

They needed to do the farming at the time of British rule. Cows' growth is also more at that time. Farming needs cows. So they have the growth of cows. They complete their work fast and sleep. With this habit, our ancient people lived long life.

City life of ancient India:-

At those time, the cities were similar to present days. Only the royal families live in the cities. At that time, they faced a problem with travel. It is difficult to meet anyone. The royal families who live in cities depend on others.

They need some slaves for their work. So, it became effortless for villagers to get work. They are happy with their work even they need to work more.

After the arrival of the British, the people of royal and poor families faced problems. Poor people need to work more for food. The royal families need to more tax to the British.

Poor people did not get any food due to Britishers. They travel only up-to 100 to 150 km. The trip became easy after the arrival of horses.

The people of ancient people led a peaceful life. This is because of farming, feeding animals etc.. The people do not lead bad life like today.


In ancient India, we could live a peaceful life than today. If the British do not enter India, we will be first in every aspect. We may have more wealth in our India. I love my India.



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