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A Good Friend Of You ⁃ The Book

Today, We are using notepads and other devices to write. With the notepads, we are saving time and waste of paper. Even though we have notepads and smart devices to write, we are using books. The things we are using now becoming part of our life. Many inventions from our ancient times are good to us. Books are one of the inventions from our history. We use these books till now even we have many smart devices. Who invented the Notebooks? What is the importance of notebooks? What is the history behind the invention of notebooks? Let us know who is the person behind the invention of notebooks.

A book can be friend for all of us. We can share our feelings with the books. A book is a written work with bundles of pages printed in the book. Book provides numerous data and helps us to gain knowledge.

History of a Notebook:-

A book is a vital medium. We record data in the form of writing or printing images. We bind a bundle of pages with a spiral corporeal.

In 3500 BCE, ancient people started writing letters on moist clay tablets. The use of a wedge shaped stylus is took part of moist clay. They are from reed.

The letters written on moist clay are sopping. We put the moist clay in an oven and under the sun.

The clay becomes harder to break.

In this way, the ancient people share the data to far away places. This process of sharing continued for next 2000 years ago until 2400 BCE.

In 2400 BCE, we turned the clay into papyrus scrolls. The ancient Egyptians came up with the papyrus scrolls. The people thought it difficult writing on clay. They want an easy way of writing.

On one day, they saw a papyrus plants which are heavy to hold. They used that papyrus plant and made a paper. But, these papyrus scrolls are leaden, and long to handle. They could also tear easily.

The Romans solved this problem. The Romans came up with a substantial called "The Codex". With the help of codex they made that paper airy. These long scrolls are now in the form of notebooks. They also made a change in things. The notebooks made by Romans are from parchment.

Parchment is a substantial made from untanned animal skin and protected by wooden cover.

In the 1st century CE, they modified this parchment to the pure white paper. The invention of the paper is the credit of other scientists. We have discussed the invention of paper in my previous blog.

Around 618 and 907 CE, China printed the first books. There process of printing notebooks is a very tedious method. They used woodblock printing. In this method, they wrote the text on wood and then stamped it onto pages.

Then, around 1041 to 1048 CE, there was another scientist from China. He modified this process. His name was Bi Sheng. This Chinese scientist invented a movable type of printing.

In this process, we copy the text with the help of character blocks. These blocks are pre-made and made of clay substantial.

Moving to the 15th Century, there was a german inventor whose name is Johannes Gutenberg. This scientist thought that making books is a time-taking process.

In the 1440s, the book improved a movable printing method. He built a printing press machine. From 1440, the making of books has increased a lot with less time and cost. Later, these books are easily usable for all of us.

In 1884, we type these books instead of writing. This is because of the invention of the typewriter. This process of printing the books became easy.

Now, in modern times, digital or e-books have become popular. It allowed people to access numerous books on one device.


I got an interest in writing on books rather than using digital books. The books had a lots of history. The change of books into digital became very popular. But, there are some people who use notebooks.

We can gain numerous knowledge with the printed books. The books are like friends to all of us.


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