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School is a place where we can learn many things. In schools, we find good friends. Schools give us many memories. A person who will not have friends can find good friends. In our childhood, many of us does not like to go to school. It is natural. But after we grow up we love to go to school. In school, we enjoy ourselves all day. Does anyone have a question about who is the person to invent these schools? Who invented schools? How did we get the timings of the school? What was its history? We will know answers to all these questions.

What is a School?

School is a great place to learn new things, educate ourselves and find new friends. The system of school is not new for our ancient school. It has existed from 1000 years ago.

History of Schools:-

The concept of schools and teaching started from the very first humans. In ancient Greece or Roman, we had cave people and women. They teach the people how to catch the animals in open sir. This happened because they should have skills of catching to survive. As time passed, the ancient used to teach the required skills on paper.

Humans came to know that we should have adults to teach the group of children. To teach the many people, they need someplace. Then they thought about having a school. In this way, schools took birth.

Early Schools:-

The early schools did not have subjects that what we have today. They focused on combat skills and devout beliefs. This type of teaching has continued for thousands of years.

In the mid 17th century, we changed the teaching system. The Rise of age of knowingness took place in the 17th century.

The Rise of knowledge is the growth of new ideas like freedom, devout beliefs. With this knowingness, people started to recognize the growth. They made many growth such as reading, writing and maths. These new ideas have become popular.

In 1642, colony in the US was the first place to make these ideas essential. They also set up various with these new age ideas.

Modern Schools:-

As time passed, there were many changes from early schools.

An US minister, Horrace Mann, visited the schools in the colony of the US. He saw the subjects and the teaching. He set up many master teachers to teach these subjects more easily.

In 1837, he became the assistant of Teaching system. Later, he became the "Father of the Common School Movement".

Within a less time, other states followed his system. By 1918, basic teaching of primary school became a need.

This system has improved with time all over the world till 20th century. In the 20th century, we came up with more advanced teaching.


We can conclude that Horrace Mann is the only one behind the schools.

In ancient days,schools were only for rich families. People born into poor families are not allowed to go to schools. The people do not have many subjects today what we have.


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