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Be Brave To Pass The Exams

If we want to test our knowledge, we write exams. Even if we want to qualify and go to further studies we need exams. Exams are a tests which we write at a given time. If we want to get settled in life, we need to write exams. Exams became a part of our life. We will write exams from our nursery. Many of us hate to write the exams. At that time, anyone of you think who first started the exams? Who invented the exams? What is the history of exams? Let us ascertain the exams invention and history.

What is an Exam?

An exam is a formal test that we take to show our knowledge in subjects. The exam stands for a couple of things. It is observe or study a certain in deep. We know our knowledge with the marks we gain in the exam. It also helps to get a seat for further studies or for a job.

Well, Let us discuss the history of Exams.

History of Ancient Exams:-

The Exams were first started in 605AD. China is the first country to give birth to exams.

In ancient China, the Sui Dynasty was the ruling empire. In their ruling, the king of the Sui Dynasty wanted some people for their government. He introduced a 'Sovereign Exam.

This was an assessment held by the government of the Sui Dynasty. In this test, many people take part in a test to prove their skills. The person who passes the test is the leader of the Emperor. They took this test from merit rather than birth. The Emperor is Yang of Sui. This process continued till tang dynasty.

The Tang Dynasty followed the Sui Dynasty by taking exams. The Tang Dynasty introduced the concept of written exam to pick students. The king Empress Wu Zetia is the first person to introduce written exams. He reformed the sovereign system to pick people from humble backgrounds. This concept has worked for many years.

After China, the British adapted these exams. In 1806, they took exams to pick the people for serving the Majesty in British.

Later, in 1853, East India Company took this method. This is because to select the people for civil servants by written exams.

Invention of Modern Exams:-

Till now from ancient years, they took exams by their strength. But the exams with the mind has a different reason for Invention.

A German US business person, Henry Fischel is the inventor of modern exams. There is not perfect reason for this invention of Modern Exams. We can take the reason from ancient China itself.

In the late 19th century, Henry came up with the same modern exams. He created exams to know the knowledge of students in the subjects. The technique of knowing the knowledge became popular among teachers.

This concept of the modern exams has spread across the world.

Moreover, Today, exams have become a crucial aspect.


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