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Beware! Little Monster Inside☒

Halloween is one of the days that we see mostly in cartoons. Halloween is festival of ghosts that we see in cartoons. On this day, the children dress themselves as ghosts. They go to every house at nighttime and ask for chocolates. This is what we know about the day of Halloween. Does the festival of Halloween really exist? How is the day of Halloween enjoyed by people? If it really exists which countries celebrate this day?

Let us know whether this Halloween day really exists.

Story of Halloween Day:-

This horror story starts about 2000 years ago in Ireland. Ireland is also mentioned as Iceland. The 1st November of every year is the day of Halloween. This day comes during the end of summer and beginning of dark cold winter.

The people of Ireland continue their daily routine. One of the people saw a ghost coming to their world from underground. The underground of Ireland is the birth place of ghosts. At first, they thought that it was their imaging. But they saw this was happening many times.

This is happening because the people of Ireland believe that the underground is getting blur.

All the people in Ireland came to know about these ghosts. From then, the people over there made that day as 'Festival of Samhain'. This is because they want to protect themselves from those ghosts.

The 31st October is the day for the "Festival of Samhain". This was well known as Halloween.

On the day of Halloween, people wear costumes of ghosts and also light bonfires. By seeing the costumes and bonfires the ghosts did not attack the humans. The meaning of Halloween is 'hallowed evening' or 'holy evening'.

On this evening, the Celtic priest would make some predictions of future. This is how Halloween started.

Have you ever seen these type of pumpkins? These pumpkins are also a part of Halloween. These pumpkins also have some storey.

The Celtic priest of Ireland started drawing some faces on potatoes or turnips. People in Ireland mostly finding bad spirits in the winter season. They have thought of an idea of making good spirits that would protect them. In this way, we see faces on potatoes or pumpkins.

They use these pumpkins to get a way to their homes. This has happened for many years in Ireland. Some of them from the US came up with the idea of pumpkins. This pumpkin is alluring with a new face and became famous.

Story of Jack-o'-lanterns:-

Jack-o-lanterns took a huge place on Halloween.

Once there was a person named Stingy Jack. This person was very miser. He always love to make of people. He tricks people and causes them harm. Once, he invited a devil for dinner. He never wished to pay the bill. He convinced that devil to turn into a gold coin.

After that, he kept a coin in his pocket. After a year, he made his tricks on that poo devil. He died after many days of his fun on people. After his death, he did not anyplace in heaven. Then he went to a place of devil that he made of him.

The devil sent him to a dark night with a burning coal. He got this burning coal to lighten himself.

Jack got a home in a small turnip or pumpkin. Every year of Halloween day, his soul roams in the sky. This is because he did not get anyplace in heaven or hell.

This is the big story behind Halloween day.

World Halloween Day?? 31st October


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