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City of the Alphabets??

Alphabets are the group of letters that we use while writing or speaking. We can write these letters in various languages. Without the letters, we cannot write or speak. Can you believe that, Today we completely depend on letters. Many of us do not question ourselves who invented these alphabets. What is the history of the Letters. Do Alphabets and Letters are the same? How these alphabets play a crucial role in our life. I will let you know why we depend on alphabets and also its history.

A Life without Alphabets or Letters:-

Imagine the world without an alphabets. There will be no text, writings with your friends. It may affect our daily routine. Without alphabets, there will be no books. We may not gain any knowledge and our future will be question mark. A life without letters will be dark.

Growth or Invention of Letters:-

Before the invention of letters people used specific symbols to write or speak. There is no person who specially invented the alphabets. Alphabets are the growth from ancient times. These letters are of five in ancient times.

The ancient people named Phoenicians invented the letters. These are the people from the 11th century BC. In ancient days, we mostly saw letters as symbols on the stones. These symbols may sound strange.

In 3000 BCE, Egyptians wrote letters as pictures on stones. They found the different symbols. These symbols are not easy to remember. People faced some trouble to recall.

Between 1700 and 1850 BCE, the people adapted and simplified these symbols. After making the symbols easier, it became easier to recall for people. They used these symbols for trading purposes. They still made it simpler with 22 letters. These 22 letters became modern letters by Egyptians. They named it Abjad.

Modern Invention of Letters:-

This Abjad went to Greece. In 800 BC, the people of Greece came to know the idea of letters. After knowing about the letters from Egypt, they took those letters and made it easier.

The people of Greece wrote those letters into their language. After writing these letters in Greece, it became easy for people to read. There are some letters that remained in Egypt. At first, Greek write the letters from right to left and vice versa. Finally, in 500 BC, they wrote from left to right.

The letters of Greece look strange. This is because only some letters are in Greece.

Later, the ancient Romans took the Greek letters and made it easier. The Romans wrote those Greece letters to their language. The letters of Romans look very conversant and easy to understand. We call these letters English Letters.

Do Alphabets and Letters are the same?

All of us think alphabets and letters are the same. But It is not true. Alphabets and letters are different.

Alphabet: It is a set of letters arranged in fixed order. We cannot change the order of the alphabets.

Letters: A Letter is a symbol that we spell with a specific sound. Every letter will have a specific sound.

Alphabets and Letters have an relation with each other. We spell and write the alphabets. Each alphabet has a unique sound.

The symbols in ancient times are the letters.


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