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Existence Of a [Number] In Our Life ⁕

Numbers are the math values that we use in our daily life. We use numbers for counting, measuring and comparing. A number acts a vital role in our daily routine. Without a number, we cannot have money and count them. With the absence of numbers, we cannot manage a single day of our life. Who invented these numbers.What is the origin of numbers? Let me tell you the history of numbers.


A number is a written symbol. These are the maths values. We use the numbers to represent the quantity. Number is an arranged group of digits. How these numbers were useful in ancient days.

Intro of Numbers:-

Around 1000 years ago, there were no clocks or calenders. Then how people have idea an idea of a time. In ancient days, they saw sun and a moon to discover the morning or night. They use tele marks to count the days or know a time. They also used fingers, sticks and rocks to count.

After many years, the barter system came into use. In barter system, they exchange things. Then they realized the need for numbers.

Invention of Numbers:-

Numbers are not new to people of ancient. They already exist just like alphabets.

Egyptians invented the numbers from one to nine. Just like alphabets, they wrote numbers as symbols on stones. The numbers at that time were Hindu-Arabic Numerals or simply Arabic Numerals.

Origin of Numbers:-

In the 3rd Century BCE, Ashok is the empire of the Mauryan Empire. He wants to spread his edicts. For that purpose, he raised a pillars which contained his edicts. These edicts are in different languages.

One of the languages has numerals. These edicts became famous in less time. As time passed, they came to know that these numerals needed some changes. Here the change of numbers starts.

We cannot change some of these numbers.

After the invention of zero, the numbers got positive and negative values. These Arabic numbers became famous in North Africa. There is no proper reason for its origin.

Do You Know?

There is only one even prime number that is two.

We cannot represent zero in Roman Numerals.

We use Roman Numerals for the trading purpose.

We cannot fold a paper more than nine times.


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