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Feel-Good Fantasy Movie:- CJ7

From our childhood, we listened to many stories. In those stories, some are moral and some may be funny. We all love watching cartoons and listening to stories.Some stories will be haunting stories. Mostly Grandma's stories are more sweet for us. Today I am going to share a movie with you which will be fantasy. The story explains how a poor boy is struggling with his friends. We see a good friendship between an alien cute dog and a poor boy. The name of the movie is "CJ7".

Let us begin the story.

Story Time:-

Once there was a man with the name T who was petty. He works as a building worker. He had a son with the name Dicky. Dicky was a 8-year-old boy.

He starts to his dream school with lots of hopes. As his father was poor, Dicky's dressing sense is not good at all. So all the students make fun of him.

On his first day, he met a strict teacher Mr. Cow. He did not allow Dicky into school with his appearance. A young lady teacher came there.

Her name was Miss Yuan. She told strict teacher that she would take care of Dicky. With her words, Mr. Cow left the place.

Later, she started whispering with Dicky. Dicky loved Miss Yuan's care towards him. Dicky does not have a mother to take care of him. His father was too busy. She wipe out the face of Dicky.

Meanwhile, the class begins and Mr. Cow is the teacher of that class. In his class, Mr.Cow asks a questions to students what is their goal. The students' answer is as usual, like doctor, engineer etc... But Dicky has a different goal.

When he is about answer, all the students laughed along with Mr.Cow. The Dicky answered that he wanted to become a poor man. So that he will let others know the difference between poor and rich. By listening to his answer, all of them got shocked.

In that school there was a boy who was rich with bad doings. His name was Johnny. He always makes others cry. In the lunchtime, this Johnny shows his toy to all his friends. Dicky came there and he saw that toy. He likes that toy so much. When he tries to take the toy, Johnny pushes him and starts doing ragging. Jonny also teases a girl who is obese. Her name was Maggie. Dicky and Maggie became friends on the first day of his school.

This continues several days. Dicky wanted a table fan as there house was so hot. T worked over time bought a table fan for Dicky. But that table fan did not work properly. Dicky felt unhappy as the table fan did not work well.

One day, T and Dicky saw a news on small box. That news was there was some creature flying in the sky. After that Dicky saw the same toy in the shop that Johnny bought. Dicky asks his father to buy that toy. As they were poor he did not agree to buy them. But Dicky did not listen to his father's words. T beat the Dicky in the shopping mall. Dicky went out of the mall. He was so angry on the T.

On that night, T bought a strange toy for Dicky. He took that toy to his school and showed to his friend Janny. Johnny made fun of that toy. The friend of Johnny beat Dicky very badly. Dicky felt depressed and went home with that toy. In the middle of the night, the toy changed to a cute alien dog. That dog's name was "CJ7". He goes to school with that toy.

The cute dog saves him from his friends with super powers. It also helped Dicky to get good marks in exams. He won all the games in the school. He want to make CJ7 as his friend. CJ7 and Dicky became friends.

After some that, he came to know that it was a dream. He saw the same dog after he waked up. He thought that it would help him like in his dream.

The next day, he went to school with lots of happiness. But Dicky asked CJ7 to save him from the dog. But it does not help him at all. In school, Dicky asked to help in exam. Instead of helping, that dog made fun of Dicky. Dicky asked to help him in games. CJ7 gave hand instead of helping Dicky.

With the doings of that dog, Dicky got furious. He threw that dog into the dump yard with a small bag. Dicky realized his mistake and went to retract the dog. But it was not present in the dustbin. The people who collect the trash took the dog with them. By knowing this, Dicky went home with a sad face. He saw the CJ7 at home and felt pleased.

Dicky and T were unable to sleep as it was sweltering in the room. At that time, CJ7 with his magical powers made the table fan work well. The next morning T saw a table fan in good condition. The cute dog becomes weak as it uses its powers.

In school, when Jonny comes to beat Dicky. Then Maggie will save Dicky. Mr. Cow will punish all the students by seeing all this fight.

Meanwhile, T will show his son's marks sheet with full marks in the exam. The boss of T said how his son fooled him. T got angry and scolded the boss. With this fight, T will lose his job. After some time, he thinks that it may be correct what his boss said.

He asks Dicky about the marks. Then Dickys says that he made this to make his father happy. But his father will get angry and scold him very much. He punishes Dicky by taking CJ7 from him. Then Dicky says T to get out of his life. T replies that if Dicky scores more than 65, then he will be out.

The next day T went to school to give a lunch box. He joins in his work by saying sorry to the boss. On the same day, T will get admitted with some accident.

After some time, T will be dead. This will make Dicky despondent. Dicky's friend CJ7 will use his full powers and make T alive. Dicky felt jubilant by seeing his father again. But, the CJ7 will become a toy again. It lost all his powers.

From that day, Dicky was waiting for his friend. Here, in school Maggie and other fat boy will be friends. And also, T and Miss Yuan also became good friends. Still Dicky was waiting for CJ7. On one fine day, he saw many cute alien dogs coming towards him. He was happy by seeing dogs coming towards him.

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