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Microsoft Office 2016/2019/365(Professional Plus) download for Free and activation tricks for free

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Hello !! I hope you might wondering what will be trick?, how long does this trick work?, any issues we face after doing this trick?, Whats the use of trick? We will answer everything for you.

Microsoft Office : Microsoft Office, or simply Office, is a family of client software, server software, and services developed by Microsoft. ... Initially a marketing term for an office suite (bundled set of productivity applications), the first version of Office contained Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Without Office there is no Business works will work, Now here is the trick for activation of Office 2016 (all versions), Office 2019(all versions) and Office 365 (Professional Plus).

Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium (Download)

Microsoft Office 365 Business (Download)

Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus (Download) Microsoft Office 2019 ProPlus (Download)

Microsoft Office 2019 Project Pro (Download)

Microsoft Office 2019 Visio Pro (Download)

Office 2016 Home and Student (Download)

Office 2016 Home and Business (Download)

Office 2016 Professional (Download) Now Lets come to the Trick to Activate Office product Lifetime Before going to trick file and procedure lets discuss your doubts !!

  • What will be trick?

A. The Trick we find is really simple just activating the office using the license keys

  • How long does this trick work?

A. Once you activate the office product it will work for lifetime

  • Any issues we face after doing this trick?

A. Absolutely no issues these Office Applications will work seamlessly and user also won't have any risk on office and accounts.

  • Whats the use of trick?

A. This Trick will Allow you to use Office apps without any payments and gives full features of Office. Before going to download the Trick file please stop any kind of antivirus Application which you system is protected with. Don't worry this is no virus or malware its 100% safe and free. Trick links:

Office 365 only professional Plus (Download)

Office 2019 all versions (Download) (it will open on a editor just use download option)

Office 2016 all versions (Download)

If anyone face any issues with the trick links comment or text a message in chat bot we will check and rectify that as soon as possible.


  1. Download your desired Office ISO file and Desired cmd file(trick file)

  2. Open the ISO image of office and install using setup

  3. after installation of Office open any office application (word,powerpoint....etc)

  4. you can find it ask for license key .... right now close and application you opened

  5. Now its time for activation trick (needs internet connection)

  6. Goto Trick file location and right click and press run as administrator ..... Done (it sometimes show as malicious file but no problem there is no virus attack just click on more info and continue with that)

  7. Once you see the message like product Activated in Command prompt window then close command prompt.

  8. Hurray now you got your office activated for lifetime ....... Enjoy the all Office features for free.

I hope you get the Office for free with the trick we find if yes ........... Good to hear that ........... If no just give us a message or comment for this blog we will come up with a solution for you.

we are not a marketing or some random business just a student community. If you want to join in our student community just goto home page and click on login at top right and fill your details carefully for your email updates will be sent (we promise no spam).

After login goto members tab and follow anyone you know to make your profile public.

Next we are thinking to give windows activation methods .... stay updated with register on website as a user.

I hope this Trick from us helps a lot of people if Yes we are really happy for that ....!!!!

Also check the remaining Blogs that you are interested in No payment to anything all are free of cost.

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