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In one of my blog, I told you about the history of paper. Who invented the paper and lots more data. I think it gave you more knowledge regarding the invention of paper. After the invention of paper, we made notes with those papers. Notes is a bundle of papers that we are using to write. We use sticky notes in our households, office work etc... Do you ever think how got these sticky notes. Why are these colour papers named as sticky notes. They also have some history. We will discuss the history of sticky notes in this blog.

By Mistake Invention of Sticky Notes:-

Every story or a history starts in some research else in ancient days. But this story starts in a research room.

In 1968, there was a scientist, Dr. Spencer Silver. He works for a top company in the world. His research was good for that company.

Once the company asked for strong research that was not ever done by other companies. He thought a lot for an idea that is impressive. After many hours, he got an idea which would be sinful to all of them.

He detached the things present in normal and microsphere adhesive. These adhesives are very thick and sticky. He does not have any idea of adhesive.

He found that adhesive sinful and could not solve it.

Even so, he said about his invention adhesive. He could not give up with this adhesive invention. He gave more seminars about that adhesive for the next five years. At his seminar, anyone of them are not ready to listen about adhesive. Even then, he did not give up about the invention of adhesive.

In 1974, another scientist, Arthur Fry, faced a problem of bookmarks while reading books. Then, he kept a small piece of paper as a bookmarks. Once after a week, he noticed that the bookmarks he is keeping are vanishing.

Every time he kept some other objects as bookmarks and they disappear. This has happened several times. With this action, he got very frustrated. He then thought of getting a bookmark. The bookmark should stick to the page and never ruin the pages.

Then he remembered the seminar of scientist Spencer. He runs with an idea to Spencer. Both scientists started adding adhesive on the piece of paper. This idea works and came into use as bookmarks.

This is the paper we are using now. They gave these notes to the students. On these notes, many of them started writing. The new way of conveying started in 1974.

In 1977, the company 3M started its sales with these sticky notes to book stores. But they did not get much profit. Then these scientists started giving these sticky notes directly to people. People used those notes on files mostly.

From then, these sticky notes spread all over the world in less time.


These scientists made the yellow colour sticky notes.

It takes around 506,880,000 sticky notes to circle the earth.

Today, sticky notes are getting into an app.

We find around 26 colours in sticky notes.

Invention of sticky notes is a mistake of Dr. Spencer Silver.


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