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Single Source Snack:- Potatoes Chips

All of us like to eat potatoes. Some people will have more potatoes and some are less. We use potatoes in making chips. We name those fried chips as 'Lays'. Some of them love to eat fried potatoes and some do not. Any of you know how people start these potato chips? Who is the person behind its planning. What is the history of potato chips? This blog is for people who love to eat potatoes so much. Let us start the blog.

History of Crispy Potato Chip:-

Going back to ancient days, Once there was a chef whose name was George Grumb. He worked as a chef in one of the famous resorts. On his routine day work, he wants to make the best dish for the resort. He sliced potatoes very thick in round. He took a oil and fried those slices with a good colour. After many hours of hard work, he made fries which are crunchy and crispy.

Later, he served those fries to one of the customers in the resort. The customer did not like those fries. This is because the fries are very thick to eat. Then, he again made it thin and served the customer. Even so, the customer did not like the fries.

George got angry and cut those potatoes thinner than paper. He kept those slices in oil till they got them into brown colour. To teach a lesson, he added an increasing number of salt to the fries. In return, the customer liked the fries so much. Here, those fries got the name potato chips.

As days are passing, these potato chips came in market. From then, those potato chips spread all over the world and became famous.

Origin of French Fries:-

After the sale, the chips became French fries. How did french fries get their name? The origin of French fries starts in Belgium. In that village, the people used to catch fish and fry them to eat. For the people in Belgium, sometimes it becomes difficult to catch fish in winters.

So they turned to potatoes instead of fish. They cut the potatoes them as equal side in shape. Then they fry them just like fish. This is how we got the french fries.

What happens if Potatoes do not exist on earth?

If we do not potatoes, we will not the earth at all. It is really shocking to hear this. How does this happen? Let us know the importance of the earth about earth.

Let us return to 8000 years back. It is mountain range of Andes, the people of Spanish started to grow potatoes. These potatoes contain proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbs. They use these potatoes as a source of energy.

These potatoes made the US people strong and sharp. Potatoes started in the Incan Empire. This Empire is famous for farming, art and building. These three makes a unique stonework.

Other countries were facing farming as a big problem. Europe is facing more problems as they do not have proper sunlight and water. With this problem, people started facing starvation, poverty etc... It took many people's lives.

The arrival of potatoes in the 16th century, made western country farming good and perfect. They started growing potatoes in less land. They got a solution for food starving and poverty. With the arrival of potatoes in Europe, the government improved in Europe.

In 1590, the potatoes came to China as sweet potatoes. These sweet potatoes became more famous in very less time. Today, China became first in producing the potatoes all over the world.

In World War 2, the Allies are unable to win the war against Hitler's troops. At that time, with the help of potatoes, the Allies won the war. In this way, potatoes became the saviour of the earth.

Did You Know?

A packet of potato chips contains more air than a chips. This is because we fill the air with nitrogen. This nitrogen keeps the chips fresh and from breaking.

We call Gold Rush State woman, Laura Scudder, as the queen of Potato Chips. She is the woman who got an idea of keeping the potato chips in packets.

In potatoes, we have 80 percent of water and 20 percent of water.


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