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The day starts with Pen

Today we are using pens for writing. Pens became our daily routine. We have kinds of pens now which we were using. What happens if pens do not exist? Is it possible to write without a pen? Who invented these pens and Why? Whose invention is Pens that we are using now? In ancient days what did they use instead of pens? Anyone of them have these type of questions. I have like this questions regarding the invention of Pens. Who are willing to know about the invention of Pens? I will let you know the history and growth behind the invention of pens.

Let us start the blog.

History and Invention of Pens:-

The first invention starts in 3000B.C. by ancient Egyptians. Once there was a person who wanted to write some script on paper. Then they thought of creating a tool for writing. After a few hours, the people over there got an idea of making a pen. They started making pen with the help of wood and bamboo straw. We combine soot, ochre and beeswax to make an ink.

The one end of the pen sharp so that it would be easy to write. To write with the pen, we dip the pen in ink.

In this way, they are fortunate to make a pen.

The usage of these pens went till the middle ages. In the 7th century, people thought of a different design of a pen.

In the 7th century, for better writing, we replaced with quill pens. We use large flight feathers of large birds for quill pens.

The Large birds they used are turkey and goose. These quill pens are attractive. They are so glassy and lightweight to write. In the 7th century, these pens became very famous. These pens helped people to write small letters with different styles. It also become easier and faster to write.

From then, quill pens became more famous all over the world. From 7th to 19th century still we are using these quill pens. This is how pens came into use.

After the 19th century, these quill pens also evolved to other types of pens.

An English inventor, John Mitchell is the first person to invent steel point pen. These steel point pens work just like quill pens. We should dip the point of pen into ink in order to write. These steel point pens are very less expensive and long-lasting.

There was an inventor from Roman felt frustrated by dipping his pen in ink endlessly. Then he invented a pen which holds the ink in the pen. He named that pen "fountain pen". In 1827, the inventor got a patent for this first invention of the fountain pen.

This fountain pen also had a problem with excess ink. The inventors are changing the design of the pens to their comfort till 20th century.

In 1888, an inventor from the US invented the first ballpoint pen. He also got a patent for the first invention of the ballpoint pen.

People faced some issued with this ballpoint pen. Then a journalist from Hungary bought a new version of ballpoint pen. This journalist got an idea of keeping dry ink in the pen.

We will find a small metal ball and nib at the end of the pen. This metal ball and nib will rotate while we are writing.

This was the pen we are using now. This pen works smoothly by spreading the ink equally. This Magyar journalist got a patent for this successful invention of ball pens. This was the history behind the invention of the pen.

Did You Know?

An average pen can write about 45,000 words.

The smallest pen in the world is 'Fountain Probe'.

The US produces more than two million pens.

China is the first in producing more pens all over the world.

India is famous for using pens.


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