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Think Before Taking a Decision, We May Not Erase Our Lives⬮ Eraser

All of us make some other mistakes in life. We cannot erase those mistakes from our life. These mistakes may affect our complete life. We should think many times before making any mistake. It will be good if we have a chance to erase our mistakes. We cannot earse mistakes from life.

However, we can earse mistakes that we write on paper. We used these from our childhood. We can earse the mistakes with the help of an eraser or a rubber. Do you know who is the person behind this invention? What will be the story behind this invention? I will let you know the person behind the invention of Earser.

What is an Eraser?

Erasers are the little wad of rubber. Erasers are just like magic. They erase the writings of pencil and give us white paper. Today, we see erasers that erase the pen writings too. We find these erasers in various shapes, sizes, and colours. These erasers are of Gum, Plastic, Vinyl.

History of Eraser:-

Every invention starts in ancient Greek itself. They were people who invented many modern things.

In ancient Greek, the people made more mistakes. They do not know what to use to erase those mistakes.

On one fine day, they got an idea to erase the mistakes. They tried the wax tablets to erase the mistakes written on paper.

Some other cultures use rough stones to erase. These stones are of sandstone and pumice. Until 1700, wax tablets and rough stones were in use.

In 1700, the Japanese used soft breads to make a eraser. They de-crush and moisture the soft breads. They make it balls and dry those balls. In this way, we use soft bread to make an eraser.

In 1736, a French explorer went to Native India. He saw people using a tree resin to make bouncing balls. Later, he sent a rubbery resin to Europe. In Europe, an English scientist, Joseph, discovered an Eraser.

Though Joseph is the inventor of rubber, a British engineer spread those rubbers to all.

On a fine day, a British Engineer erasing the mistakes with large rubber. He came to know all the elements of rubber. From then, he started selling rubber erasers. These rubber erasers became popular. But he found a problem in those rubber erasers.

In 1839, an US inventor put a rubber into a sulphur by mistake. This sulphur thickened the rubber on the hot stove. This process of heating the rubber in sulphur made it long-lasting. In this way, the invention of the eraser took place.

How do these Erasers wipe the paper clean?

This process works with the help of pencil marks. The pencil writings have good things in them. The pencil lead came from soft mineral Graphite. This graphite came from crystals and carbon.

The clay and water includes in the Graphite. This makes the pencil lead hard. The writing of lead on paper will stick to the paper's fibre. The fibre of Eraser is more sticky than paper's fibre. When we the erase, the lead pieces get stuck to the eraser. It is magic to listen to the actions of pencil, eraser, and paper.


The process and devising process of Erasers are really wonderful. The little erasers on the edge of the pencil are "plugs". We also have pen erasers which erase the mistakes written by pen. It will be quite gripping to use a pen eraser.


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